About us

The foundation of “Reason to” stretch back to 1999 when it was operating with the brand name “PR Activities”. In 2010, the company renamed “Reason to” launching a new era in the inland field of event management with its own projects such as “Gastronomy days” and “Mikropolis” (Copyright). 


We adopt the out-of-box thinking regarding the creation, the planning and finally the implementation of every event. We anticipate and deal with issues before they occur ensuring that every client’s project will be delivered on time and be communicated with excellence and creativity.  By taking the time to listen to our clients and understand their needs, we are able to collaborate hand-in-hand with them developing cost-effective and pitched strategy for their concepts.


Throughout these 20 years, Reason to is evolved to a boutique event design and planning agency with a passionate and experienced team. Our people are team players and best-in-class experts that generate innovative, memorable and demanding projects.

In Reason to, we provide  creative  solutions to unique projects!