Teleperformance, CSR Campaign, Gold Award at 2018 HR AWARDS

“The whole Globe into one place, “a global inspirational diversity video campaign presented by Giorgos Kapountzidis

  • Concept création
  • Implémentation
  • Production
  • Communication Planning
  • DJ

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The annual Gastronomy Days Festival, the only of its kind in southern Europe, begun in 2013, as the creative result of the collective effort of stake holders and culinary communities with the aim of creating a modern storytelling platform and an annual meeting. Today it is recognized as the premium Gastronomy event in Greece.

  • Greek products exhibition

  • Live Cooking Shows by popular chefs

  • Bartending NightsMaster Classes 

  • Workshops

  • Thematic panels and discussions


Copyrights Reason To, Los Angeles

Athens International Culinary Film Festival takes place as part of the Gastronomy Days Festival, during which more than 30 long and short culinary fiction stories, documentaries and animations are presented.

For the first time, modern Greek gastronomy is presented at the center of Hollywood, the Mecca of World Cinema, as the “Athens International Culinary Film Festival” of “Gastronomy Days” travels to the Egyptian Theatre, at the 10thLos Angeles Greek Film Festival (1-5 June, 2016)

Education Festival for kids & parents - Workshop, Golden Hall

The 1st Science & Technology Festival at Golden Hall is an innovative edutainment festival for kids and parents. Dedicated to the fascinating world of science and technology.

In collaboration with Mikropolis Festival.

E-travel I - Greece, Corporate Event

European Forum of E-travel I is an annual corporate event. In 2018, it took place for the first time in Greece.

  • 250 persons attendance
  • Stage Set up
  • Venue decorations and set up
  • Audio Visual Equipment and technical support
  • Live Band
  • Show _ Entertainment
  • Catering
  • Supporting team
  • Photographer
  • Video shooting
  • Event Flow

Fun workshop for kids and parents- Golden Hall, Athens.

Legendary it was the arrival of the Hello Kitty mascot in Greece, on February of 2016. 


A Teleperformance CSR Campaign & Event

When it was the last time you looked someone stranger in the eye? Reason to proudly participated as the host Athens organizers of the world’s biggest Eye Contact Experiment taking place in 124 cities worldwide on Saturday, 22 September 2018, a global initiative founded and coordinated by the Liberators International. 

  • Open event
  • Social media promotion
  • Stage Set up and scenery 
  • Venue decorations and set up
  • Audio Visual Equipment and technical support
  • Live Band, Show, Entertainment
  • Catering _ Food and Beverage Services 
  • Video shooting _ photos
  • Event Flow _ Production

Golden Hall’s visitors participate interactively in various thematic workshops, health and nutrition seminars, decoration suggestions and cooking demonstrations performed in Golden Hall.

Popular chefs, well known artists, nutritionists, food bloggers, food stylers and Greek producers take all the visitors to a fascinating journey of pleasure and tasting