New IQOS Brand World Digital Event


A conceptual internal virtual event taken place in June 2021 presenting the New IQOS Brand World to the people of Papastratos company. Combing next generation digital event technologies with an inspiring, interactive and highly engaging storytelling concept to create a unique virtual event experience.

  • Concept & Design
  • Event Production
  • Tailor-made Web Event Platform
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Cinematic Experience
  • Company’s people in bold & creative roles
  • Famous Guest Star
  • 3D Virtual Stages
  • 3D animations & key visuals
  • Branded Virtual Venue
  • Immersive Virtual Environments
  • Augmented Reality Presentations
  • Pre-taped & live part 
  • Indoor & Outdoor filming in various locations
  • Stunning Spatial Transitions
  • Video Production, Post-edit & Sound Design
  • On stage & remote speakers
  • Live audience interaction
  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Entertainment & Surprises