Eye Contact Experiment

Client: Teleperformance

Year: 2018
A Teleperformance CSR Campaign & Event

When was the last time you looked at a stranger in the eyes? On Saturday 22nd of September 2018, the world’s biggest eye contact experiment took place in 124 cities, a global initiative founded and coordinated by the Australian peace movement Liberators International. This global event, aims to show that “beyond our differences there is love and humanity”.

Reason Τo proudly participated as the host of this CSR event in Athens, Greece. It was a multicultural event, in which people from around the globe, strangers to each other, participated in a human contact challenge that aimed to help build trust, share feelings and become closer to one another.

The event was open and free to everyone to engage. A unique hand dram concert and electronical music performance took place to inspire participants and give an artistic feel and an ambient atmosphere.