Levia Launch Event

CLIENT: Papastratos S.A.

YEAR: 2024
For the launch event of LEVIA, we were tasked with orchestrating an exclusive experience for IQOS CLUB members, where they could fully immerse themselves in the LEVIA product. We curated an unexpected, unparalleled, and highly immersive experience, for IQOS’s Top Secret Event.

With a team of 150 people and over 4,800 work hours, we undertook the transformation of the Athens Festival venue into a uniquely customized event space. The venue, exemplifying industrial architecture from the 1970s, retained its original identity white integrating new and innovative element; Space D at Piraeus 260 was metamorphosed into a captivating and multi-dimensional environment, inspired by the worlds of LEVIA.

We designed two distinct rooms. Each dedicated to one of the two LEVIA flavors being introduced. Our objective was to engage all senses- sight, smell, sound. taste and touch- providing attendees with a comprehensive exploration of the flavors.

Throughout the night, guests were immersed in the worlds of LEVIA, experiencing unexpected flavors, savoring signature cocktails, enjoying curated music and indulging in a captivating array of tailor-made fragrances. The event featured atmospheric experience rooms, scent installations, unique surprises and a main stage performance by Tamta that enthralled the audience.