Papastratos Τeam-Building Retreat

Client: Papastratos S.A.

Year: 2023
We hosted a retreat in the beautiful setting of Nafplio, Greece, of 80 people with the primary goals of fostering genuine connections, building trust among employees of Papastratos and deepening bonds within teams.

Activities included an adrenaline-pumping e-sport that brought everyone together in friendly competition. The evening took a musical turn with a karaoke twist, challenging participants to re-write the lyrics of 80’s classics for a fun-filled performance with guest star the Greek actor Argiris Aggelou. Additionally, the teams embarked on a thrilling quest through Nafplio, challenging them to decode scrips and discover hidden treasures while exploring the city.

This retreat seamlessly blended team-building with fun, ensuring that every participant left with lasting memories of collaboration and joy.