Switch selling programs

Switch selling programs 
Development of sales programs with nationwide coverage and duration of 12 months per year. Sales teams where located in different cities of Greece aiming to achieve direct sales.

Sales points development
Development of Trade Marketing department. 220 sales points across Greece were opened with help of educated personnel.

Training and sales department development
Training of sales persons for Trade Marketing department recruitment.

Duration of programs 2006 – 2010.

Corporate Festival

A tailor-made concept festival full of summer fun events and interactive activities, festivities, water games and happenings. 16 thematic activities. The magic of summer open air cinema. A unique summer experience. 

For one week TP ENA site was transformed in the concept of a summer site full of water games, beach installations and pools. The summerish mood was kept up with mocktails, music, fun tech sport activities and with the jewel of the crown, the first TP Open Air Cinema presenting a selection of 7 blockbuster movies. 

A corporate event exclusively designed and produced by Reason To for Teleperformance Greece. 

The daily program of events and fun activities as per below:

  • Open air cinema nights
  • Water games
  • Music & dance
  • Beach pools and installations
  • Rehab activities
  • Fancy Photo booth
  • Street food bites, refreshing summer drinks

 …and more

0156_summer vibes

Corporate event

On the 28th of May Teleperformance Greece held the 20th awards ceremony for Customer Service Awards CRM GRAMD PRIN in Ble Pavillion.

On the occasion of the awards ceremony Teleperformance Greece celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Design and Implementation by Reason to.

Creative Designs, Prints, Venue Set up and Decorations, Audiovisual and Technical Support.

Artistic Performances, Special Effects and entertainment for 200 VIP Guests.

CRM Grand Prix Teleperformance
CRM Grand Prix Teleperformance


For the 2nd year in a row, Reason To organized the annual Forum of Etraveli Group.  On the 5th of December 2019, Fos Venue was transformed to hold the so called “Dancing with Etraveli Group” forum-party. 

Speeches and Conversations, dancing and live music shows, awards and interactive acts, finger food and good mood made that day hard to forget!

The dancing mood was widespread in the venue.  The performances were joyful and inviting. Argyris Aggelou and Anna Athanasiadi offered a dancing spectacle, the Prestige Band moved the attendees with their dancing tunes, a Robot dancer spread laughter and many more!

A tailor-made experience by Reason to, to fit the client’s needs and aspirations!

·        Concept Applications – Visual and Prints

·         Decoration

·         Show_Entertainment

·         Live Performances

·         Interactive Acts

·         Audio Visual Equipment and technical support

·         Audio-visual Coverage

·         Catering Services

·         Video shooting_photos

·         Video Production

·         Event Flow_Production

On 23rd and 30th of December, at Gate B9 of Athens International Airport, a Christmas setting travelled the passengers to the realm of a Christmas Fairy-tale. 
Elves were spreading the Christmas magic with the help of a child choir, a three meters red lady was greeting people, a snow queen was taking photos with children, ballerinas were dancing in the sound of the tin soldier’s violin, a live band kept the rhythm up so as  Santa clause with his friends perform a fairy – tale musical.

· Concept Implementation

· Event Flow

· Video Production

· Video Shooting and Photographs

· Entertainment

· Branded Decorations


In 2019, during Christmas Time, Reason To managed to transform the Retail Park of Athens International Airport into an «Elves Playground».

For three weekends, Santa Clause and his loyal helpers, the elves, flooded the atmosphere of AIA’s Retail Park department stores (IKEA, Kotsovolos, Leroy Merlin and Factory Outlet) with joy! 

Santa Clause had a mission. He had to offer everyone a small gift from his big red sack while the elves would play and dance all around the shopping area, spreading laughter and taking pictures with the visitors!

·  Concept Implementation

·  Video Production

· Video Shooting and Photographs

·  Branded Decorations


Corporate event

A hole week full of healthy choices!


  • Beauty Day
  • Fitness and Exercise Day
  • Diet and Healthy Food Day
  • Relaxation and Anti- Stress Day
  • Feel Good Day
  • Contests and Give Away gifts for employees
health week_tp_reason to
health week_tp_reason to
health week_tp_reason to
health week_tp_reason to
health week_tp_reason to

Diversity Event

Concept: Mediterranean Experience Beach Party

2.500 employees joined the big celebration by the beach

Flamengo performance and live band, Zorbas dance, fortune tellers, make up artists, tattoo artists and more in a huge beach party.

More than 1500 employees attended to celebrate under the moon, by the beach.

Concept, Design and production Reason to.

mediterrenean beach party_tp_reason to
mediterrenean beach party_tp_reason to

Themed events

Themed events for kids with official mascots and official branding. 

kids events_cooperations

Reason to designed and implemented a recruitment promotional activation campaign for Teleperformance Greece during summer 2019.

The activations were held in Syntagma Metro Station and Piraeus Railway Station.


Reason to production:

Promotional booth design and production

Promotional material leaflets and give away

Promotional Team

Live on line job applications

Daily reporting